Is Jaishankar’s Diwali Meeting with UK PM Rishi Sunak and Cricket Bat Gift a Strategic Move?

1. Strengthening international ties: The meeting signifies the intent to strengthen diplomatic relations between India and the UK.
2. Cultural exchange: Celebrating Diwali with a prominent UK figure promotes cultural exchange and understanding.
3. Enhanced collaboration: It provides an opportunity for discussing important bilateral issues and fostering collaboration between the two countries.
4. Symbolic gesture: The gift of a cricket bat adds a personal touch and symbolizes the shared love for sports between India and the UK.

1. Potential distraction: Some may argue that such an event could divert attention from more pressing global or domestic issues.
2. Perception of favoritism: The meeting might be perceived as favoritism towards the UK, potentially affecting relations with other countries.
3. Limited impact: While the meeting itself is a positive step, the actual impact on foreign policies and international affairs may be limited.
4. Skepticism of real motives: There may be skepticism regarding the true motives behind the meeting, with concerns about political posturing.

Please note that these lists are based on general considerations and not on any specific insights into this particular meeting.


EAM Jaishankar visits UK, celebrates Diwali with UK PM Rishi Sunak at 10 Downing Street.