Is James Harden the missing piece for the Clippers’ title run?

1. Outstanding scoring ability: James Harden consistently ranks among the top scorers in the NBA, which could greatly enhance the Clippers’ offensive firepower.
2. Exceptional playmaking skills: Harden’s court vision and passing ability would enable him to create scoring opportunities for his teammates, improving the Clippers’ overall offense.
3. Playoff experience: With Harden’s extensive postseason experience, he could provide leadership and valuable insights during the Clippers’ championship pursuit.
4. Offensive versatility: Harden’s ability to score from various positions and create his own shot would add another dimension to the Clippers’ offensive schemes.
5. Drawing fouls and getting to the free-throw line: Harden’s knack for drawing fouls and converting free throws could greatly benefit the Clippers, particularly in closely contested playoff games.

1. Defensive concerns: While Harden has shown occasional defensive improvements, he is not known for his defensive prowess, potentially weakening the Clippers’ defense.
2. Adjusting team chemistry: Integrating a high-usage player like Harden could disrupt the existing team dynamics and require adjustments from both the players and coaching staff.
3. Ball-dominant playing style: Harden’s tendency to dominate the ball might disrupt the flow and distribution of touches among the Clippers’ other talented players.
4. High price tag: Acquiring a player of Harden’s caliber would likely come at a significant cost in terms of draft picks, young talents, or financial resources.
5. Previous playoff performance: Harden has faced criticism for his performance in previous playoff runs, raising concerns about his ability to deliver in high-pressure situations.

Please note that these lists are purely based on potential advantages and disadvantages and are not a judgement on whether James Harden is indeed the missing piece for the Clippers’ title run.


In a recent ESPN article, the focus is on James Harden from the Clippers and his ability to adapt and contribute to any team’s quest for a championship. The article highlights Harden’s versatility and states that he can effectively blend in with any group of players.