Is Jim Harbaugh’s Acceptance of the Big Ten’s 3-Game Suspension Cause for Embarrassment?

1. Upholds the integrity of fair play.
2. Sends a message that cheating will not be tolerated.
3. Shows accountability and takes responsibility for his actions. 4. Demonstrates respect for the rules and regulations of the Big Ten Conference.
5. Allows the team to focus on improving without the distraction of potential controversy.

1. Embarrasses the university and Michigan alumni.
2. Raises questions about Harbaugh’s coaching ethics.
3. Creates a negative perception of the Michigan football program. 4. Could potentially harm the team’s reputation and recruiting efforts. 5. Leaves a gap in coaching leadership for three key games.


Michigan alum Rich Eisen, a former Wolverines player, shares his thoughts on head coach Jim Harbaugh’s acceptance of a 3-game suspension by the Big Ten Conference. Harbaugh was penalized for allegedly stealing opponents’ signs during games.