Is John Carpenter’s Transition Away from Full-On Directing a Positive Move?


1. John Carpenter’s involvement could bring a unique and experienced perspective to the episode.
2. As a legendary horror filmmaker, Carpenter’s name could generate buzz and increase viewership.
3. His expertise in creating suspense and tension could enhance the storytelling.
4. Carpenter’s involvement may attract fans of his work to check out the anthology series.
5. This transition allows Carpenter to explore new creative opportunities outside of directing full-time.


1. It is unclear how involved Carpenter will be in the project, which may affect the quality of the episode.
2. His directing style may not align with the tone and vision of the anthology series, potentially resulting in an inconsistent episode.
3. Carpenter’s name could overshadow the rest of the anthology and dampen the spotlight on other talented filmmakers involved.
4. The expectations set by Carpenter’s legacy might be hard to meet, leading to disappointment if the episode falls short.
5. This transition away from full-on directing may deprive fans of Carpenter’s potential future film projects.


Peacock’s Suburban Screams, an anthology series, features a gripping true-crime episode about a woman plagued by a phone stalker. This intriguing story caught the attention of veteran horror filmmaker John Carpenter, who eagerly signed on to direct an episode.