Is Kangana Ranaut’s Tejas Box Office Performance a Cause for Concern?

1. Potential for improvement in ticket sales over time.
2. Kangana Ranaut’s star power may attract more audience in subsequent weeks. 3. The movie may find success through positive word-of-mouth and gain momentum.
4. Low initial ticket sales can motivate the team to work harder for better results.
5. International distribution and online platforms can contribute to the movie’s overall performance.

1. Low ticket sales on release day indicate a weak start for the movie. 2. High competition from other films can hinder Tejas’ box office performance. 3. Negative reviews or poor audience reception may further impact ticket sales.
4. Limited marketing and promotional activities may have affected audience awareness.
5. The movie’s niche appeal may restrict its reach to a specific target audience.


Kangana Ranaut’s film, Tejas, reportedly sold a mere 3,000 tickets in India across PVR, INOX, and Cinepolis on its release day, according to a media portal.