Is Kate Zambreno’s Collection a Literary Triumph or a Missed Opportunity?

– Kate Zambreno’s collection captures the drama of finding and losing the self, making it a thought-provoking read.
– The exploration of autofiction adds an intriguing layer to the storytelling, offering a unique perspective.
– The change in focus brought on by raising two children during the pandemic adds depth and relevance to Zambreno’s work.
– The collection might resonate with readers who have experienced similar struggles of self-identity and life changes.

– Some readers might find the theme of finding and losing the self repetitive or overdone, leading to a lack of freshness in the storytelling.
– The use of autofiction may alienate readers who prefer more traditional narrative styles.
– The change in focus due to raising children might overshadow other potential themes or narratives that could have enriched the collection.
– Some readers may feel that the exploration of personal struggles during the pandemic lacks broader societal or universal contexts.

Please note that these lists are based on general considerations and might not fully reflect the nuances present in Kate Zambreno’s work without a comprehensive analysis.


The autofictionist’s work revolves around the dramatic exploration of self-discovery and loss. However, a shift in focus occurred when she experienced the challenges of raising two children amid the pandemic.