Is Kohli’s equaling of Tendulkar’s 49 ODI hundreds a remarkable feat or just a coincidence?

– Remarkable feat: Kohli’s equaling of Tendulkar’s 49 ODI hundreds showcases his exceptional skill and consistency in the format.
– Display of talent: It highlights Kohli’s ability to perform at the highest level of international cricket.
– Historical significance: Tendulkar’s record has been highly regarded, and Kohli’s achievement reflects his impact on the game.
– Milestone on his birthday: Scoring the hundred on his 35th birthday adds a touch of personal significance to the moment.
– World Cup match: Achieving this milestone in a crucial World Cup match against South Africa adds to the pressure and significance of the accomplishment.
– Eden Gardens: Achieving this feat at one of India’s iconic cricket grounds enhances the symbolic value of the achievement.

– Coincidence: Some may argue that Kohli’s equaling of Tendulkar’s record is just a statistical coincidence.
– Comparison to Tendulkar: Constant comparison to a cricketing legend like Tendulkar might overshadow Kohli’s individual achievements.
– Subjectivity: Whether the feat is remarkable or not can vary depending on personal opinions and biases.
– Impact on team performance: While an individual milestone is commendable, it may not always contribute to the team’s success or victory in a match.
– Limited context: Kohli’s achievement should be evaluated within the broader context of his overall career statistics and performances.
– Future challenges: The true significance of the milestone will be determined by how Kohli continues to perform and build upon it in the future.

Please note: The lists are provided objectively and do not reflect personal opinions.


In a remarkable feat, he reached a significant milestone on his 35th birthday during India’s World Cup match against South Africa. This momentous occasion took place at the iconic Eden Gardens in India.