Is Living in a Country on the Brink Making People Feel Hopeless?

– Living in a country on the brink can create a sense of resilience and unity among the people.
– It can foster a strong sense of community as individuals come together to support each other through difficult times.
– The experience can lead to personal growth and the development of strength and determination in individuals.
– Living in such circumstances can prompt people to think critically and question the existing social and political systems, potentially leading to positive change.
– People may become more appreciative of the simple joys and find happiness in small things amidst the chaos.

– The constant state of crisis can induce feelings of hopelessness, despair, and anxiety among the population.
– Lack of accountability for leaders can lead to a loss of trust and faith in the government and the system as a whole.
– Economic instability can result in limited opportunities for employment and financial struggles.
– The challenging circumstances can lead to increased social issues such as poverty, crime, and inequality.
– The lack of hope can have detrimental effects on mental health, leading to increased rates of depression and other psychological issues.


Amidst a two-year economic crisis, the youth in Laos find themselves devoid of hope, unable to exert any influence on their leaders.