Is Mahua Moitra’s claim about BJP’s Ram Temple panic plan credible or baseless?

– It can be seen as a courageous stance for Mahua Moitra to speak out against the BJP’s alleged “panic” plan.
– It raises public awareness and discussion about the political strategies employed by different parties.
– Mahua Moitra’s claim might prompt further investigations and scrutiny into the BJP’s actions regarding the Ram Temple issue.

– Without concrete evidence, it may be difficult to verify the credibility of Mahua Moitra’s claim.
– The statement about being expelled by the ethics panel “unethically” could be seen as subjective and politically motivated.
– There is a possibility that this claim is made with the intention to discredit the BJP without substantial proof.


Mahua Moitra, a Member of Parliament, proudly stated that being expelled by the ethics panel will be seen as a “badge of honour”.