Is Matthew Perry the Ultimate Favorite Friends Cast Member? – CNN Opinion

1. Matthew Perry’s portrayal of Chandler Bing was widely appreciated and loved by fans.
2. His self-deprecating and sarcastic one-liners added a unique flavor to the show.
3. Chandler Bing’s character development throughout the series was compelling and entertaining.
4. Matthew Perry’s performance showcased versatility as he effortlessly balanced comedy and emotional moments.
5. Many viewers identified with Chandler’s witty and relatable personality, thanks to Perry’s portrayal.

1. Personal preferences regarding favorite cast members can vary among viewers.
2. Some may argue that other ‘Friends’ cast members, such as Jennifer Aniston or David Schwimmer, were stronger in their roles.
3. The late Matthew Perry’s absence from the present makes it difficult to evaluate his current impact on the series.
4. Individual preferences may favor different characters from the show, diminishing the “ultimate favorite” label.
5. It can be challenging to objectively judge someone as the ultimate favorite in such a popular ensemble cast.


Dean Obeidallah shares why he admired Matthew Perry the most among the cast of “Friends.” Perry’s witty and self-deprecating remarks, delivered through the character Chandler Bing, struck a chord with Obeidallah.