Is Meta’s decision to hide topics like self-harm and eating disorders from teens a step in the right direction?

– Increased protection for teen users who may be vulnerable to harmful content
– Demonstrates Meta’s commitment to addressing sensitive topics and prioritizing user safety
– May help reduce the potential negative effects of exposure to self-harm and eating disorder content on young individuals

– Lack of transparency in how the decision was made and what specific measures will be implemented
– Potential limitations on the availability of helpful resources and support for teens who may be struggling with these issues
– The effectiveness of content control measures in completely preventing exposure to harmful content is uncertain


Meta, the parent company of popular social media platforms, has unveiled its latest privacy enhancements. These updates specifically cater to the protection of teen users and are being hailed as some of the most significant changes to date. Building upon existing content control measures, Meta is taking further steps to safeguard the privacy settings of teenagers, a move that comes in response to recent legal challenges.