Is Monday’s Trade Setup a Game-Changer or Cause for Concern? 15 Key Points to Consider

1. Momentum indicators suggest consolidation in the near term. 2. Possibility of the Nifty crossing the 20,000 mark.
3. Expert opinions support a positive outlook.
4. Clear support level to watch at 19,600-19,450.

1. Consolidation implies a lack of major market movement.
2. Crossing the 20,000 mark is contingent on breaking through 19,850. 3. Expert opinions can be subjective and vary.
4. Possibility of the Nifty failing to hold crucial support levels.


According to experts, the Nifty is expected to consolidate in the near term as indicated by momentum indicators. In order to do so, it must maintain a crucial support level between 19,600 and 19,450. If the Nifty manages to decisively surpass 19,850, there is the possibility of it reaching the 20,000 mark.