Is MP Crispin Blunt’s arrest a necessary step towards justice or a potential abuse of power?

Pros of MP Crispin Blunt’s arrest:

1. Demonstrates accountability and rule of law.
2. Sends a message that no one is above the law.
3. Allows for a thorough investigation to take place.
4. Potential to uncover any wrongdoings and ensure justice.
5. Upholds public trust in the legal system.

Cons of MP Crispin Blunt’s arrest:

1. May be seen as a potential abuse of power.
2. Could damage reputation and career of MP regardless of the outcome. 3. Possibility of unnecessary media circus and speculation.
4. May divert resources from other pressing matters in law enforcement. 5. Risk of tarnishing innocent until proven guilty principle.


The Reigate MP has confirmed his arrest but expressed confidence in avoiding charges.