Is MrBeast’s branding on NBA jerseys a savvy marketing move or a questionable sponsorship tactic?

1. Increased brand visibility and exposure for Feastables.
2. Association with a popular NBA team, increasing credibility and brand image. 3. Potential to reach a large and diverse audience of basketball fans. 4. Opportunity for MrBeast to expand his brand beyond digital platforms. 5. Financial benefits from the sponsorship deal.
6. Greater potential for collaboration and cross-promotion in the future.

1. Potential backlash from fans who view the branding as intrusive or inauthentic.
2. Risk of negative association if the team’s performance or reputation declines. 3. Competition with other snacks and advertisers for viewers’ attention. 4. Potential difficulty in translating online success to physical products.
5. Limited reach to only NBA fans, possibly missing out on broader target markets. 6. Dependency on the success and popularity of the Charlotte Hornets.


Feastables, the snack company owned by popular YouTuber MrBeast, has teamed up with the Charlotte Hornets. In a bold move, the snack brand’s logo will grace the jerseys of the NBA team throughout the 2023-2024 season.