Is Nitish’s birth control remarks problematic?

1. Generates discussion and raises awareness about important issues related to women’s reproductive rights.
2. Promotes dialogue on the role of politicians in shaping policies on birth control and family planning.
3. Encourages accountability from public figures, as Nitish Kumar apologized for his comments.
4. Highlights the need for sensitivity and respect when discussing topics that affect women’s health and choices.
5. Draws attention to the role of organizations like the National Commission for Women in addressing such matters.

1. Nitish Kumar’s initial remarks may have offended women and caused distress.
2. The incident may perpetuate harmful stereotypes and misconceptions about birth control.
3. The controversy could distract from other important political issues or events. 4. The apology may not completely repair the damage caused by the remarks.
5. The incident may reduce trust in politicians’ ability to effectively advocate for women’s rights.


Nitish Kumar apologized for his controversial comments, which led to demands for an apology from women politicians and NCW chief Rekha Sharma.