Is Now and Then, The Beatles’ Last Song, a Historic Gem or Artificially Revived Hype?

1. “Now and Then” serves as an opportunity for fans to listen to a new Beatles track after all these years. 2. The song showcases the band’s musical prowess and enduring popularity.
3. It allows listeners to delve into the creative process of the Beatles, giving insights into their final years together.
4. The use of technology in the production showcases advancements in music editing and revival techniques.
5. The song adds to the overall Beatles discography and enriches the band’s legacy.

1. Some may argue that “Now and Then” lacks the authenticity of the Beatles’ earlier works.
2. The track might not live up to the high standards set by the band’s iconic catalog.
3. There could be a perception that the release is a cash grab or a result of exploiting the Beatles’ legacy.
4. Fans might have mixed feelings about the use of technology altering the original recording to create the final version.
5. Some listeners may feel that “Now and Then” does not provide enough new material or artistic growth for the band.


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