Is NYU’s collaboration with its dance department for developing 3D streaming video tech a game-changer?

– Advances in 3D streaming video technology can enhance the overall learning experience in dance education.
– Immersive 3D video allows for a more realistic representation of dance performances, enabling students to better understand and analyze movements.
– Collaboration between NYU and its dance department may lead to innovative developments and new approaches to combining technology with art.

– The success of the collaboration and the game-changing potential of the technology are uncertain and depend on various factors.
– The project’s focus on dance education may limit its impact to a specific field, potentially overlooking other potential applications.
– Financial support from the National Science Foundation is time-limited, which may pose challenges for long-term sustainability and growth of the project.


NYU is set to launch a pioneering project supported by a $1.2 million grant from the National Science Foundation. Aimed at advancing immersive 3D video for dance education and other potential fields, the initiative will explore Point-Cloud Video (PCV) technology over a four-year period.