Is Outer Wilds’ Switch release in December worth the wait?

1. Increased accessibility: The release of Outer Wilds on Nintendo Switch allows players to experience the game on a popular and portable gaming platform.
2. Convenience: Being able to play Outer Wilds on the go with the Switch’s portable feature offers a convenient gaming experience.
3. New audience: The Switch release may attract a new audience who may not have had the opportunity to play Outer Wilds on other platforms.
4. Enhanced gameplay: With the Switch’s unique motion controls and touch screen capabilities, Outer Wilds may offer a refreshed gameplay experience.
5. Exclusive features: The Switch version may come with exclusive features or optimizations tailored specifically for the platform.

1. Potential technical limitations: The Switch’s hardware limitations compared to other platforms may result in lower graphical fidelity or performance issues.
2. Delayed release: If you’ve been eagerly waiting to play Outer Wilds on the Switch, the December release may feel like a long wait.
3. Already available on other platforms: If you already own Outer Wilds on another platform, the Switch release may not offer anything new to justify purchasing it again.
4. Price considerations: The Switch version’s pricing compared to other platforms may affect its value proposition for potential buyers.
5. Limited storage: Given the Switch’s limited internal storage, you may need to consider the available space for downloading and playing Outer Wilds.


After much anticipation, the Nintendo Switch version of Outer Wilds finally has a release date. Annapurna Interactive and Mobius Digital revealed during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase on Tuesday that the game will be available on December 7th. Pre-orders for the digital edition are now open.