Is Pakistan’s cricket team becoming exclusive? A star player’s explosive rant raises concerns – Hindustan Times

1. Pakistan’s cricket team has a rich history and talented players.
2. The team has performed exceptionally well in the past, achieving significant victories.
3. The team’s success in international competitions has helped promote cricket in Pakistan.
4. The team has a passionate fan base, creating a vibrant atmosphere during matches.
5. Cricket provides opportunities for players to represent their country and showcase their skills.

1. Recent losses may indicate declining performance and raise concerns about the team’s current form. 2. The explosive rant by a star player suggests internal issues within the team. 3. Continued defeats may affect the team’s morale and confidence.
4. If exclusivity within the team exists, it could hinder the development and growth of emerging talents.
5. The expectations and pressure to perform may negatively impact players’ mental well-being.


Pakistan’s disappointing performance continues as they suffer their third consecutive loss in the 2023 World Cup. This time, they were defeated by Afghanistan by 8 wickets.