Is ‘People Collide’ a Mind-Bending Exploration of Identity and Duality?

1. Thought-provoking exploration of identity and duality.
2. Engages with complex themes of marriage, love, and knowing one another. 3. Sheds light on the influence of society’s perception on our lives. 4. Provides deep insights into how we navigate the world around us. 5. Offers a unique perspective on the relationship between self and society.

1. May be too deep and philosophical for readers seeking light entertainment.
2. Subject matter might be too heavy for those looking for a more lighthearted reading experience. 3. Complex themes may require a certain level of engagement and concentration.
4. Potential difficulty in following the intricate storyline and character developments.
5. May not appeal to readers who prefer a more straightforward narrative approach.


Isle McElroy’s novel delves into the intricate layers of marriage, love, and understanding, unveiling the significant impact of perception on our lives.