Is PM’s ‘Deepotsav’ Event in Ayodhya Truly Amazing and Unforgettable? Find Out!

1. Ayodhya’s ‘Deepotsav’ event creating a new Guinness World Record is an impressive feat. 2. Lighting over 22.23 lakh ‘diyas’ showcases a massive effort and coordination. 3. The event promotes a sense of unity and cultural celebration. 4. It attracts tourists and helps boost the local economy.
5. ‘Deepotsav’ in Ayodhya offers a unique and visually spectacular experience.

1. The event may overshadow other pressing issues that require attention in Ayodhya. 2. The massive number of ‘diyas’ used might lead to environmental concerns.
3. Critics may argue that the resources spent on such events could be utilized for more meaningful purposes.
4. The event’s magnitude may pose logistical challenges and crowd management issues.
5. Some may perceive it as a political move rather than a genuine cultural celebration.

Note: The Pros and Cons mentioned above are presented objectively and do not reflect personal opinions.


In a remarkable feat, Ayodhya made history on Saturday by illuminating over 22.23 lakh ‘diyas’, achieving a new Guinness World Record. This breathtaking display took place during the ‘Deepotsav 2023’ celebration.