Is purchasing the Sex Education house for $1.8 million worth it? Take a look inside and decide for yourself

1. Stunning views of the Wye Valley.
2. Located on the England-Wales border, offering a unique location.
3. The property is associated with the television series “Sex Education,” adding a touch of fame and intrigue.
4. Potential for high rental income if used as a vacation rental or bed and breakfast. 5. Historical significance, as the house is featured prominently in the show.

1. The price tag of $1.8 million may be considered high for some buyers. 2. Maintenance and upkeep costs could be substantial.
3. Limited privacy, as fans of the show may want to visit and take photos of the property.
4. Unpredictable interest in the show’s popularity could affect the property’s potential as a tourist attraction.
5. Potential challenges with reselling in the future, as the property’s value may be linked heavily to the TV series.


Nestled on the England-Wales border, this $1.8 million property boasts breathtaking views of the Wye Valley.