Is Putin’s war with Ukraine to blame for the downfall of Russia’s once-thriving tech giant?

1. Selling off Yandex’s business may provide a financial boost for the company. 2. It could allow Yandex to restructure and focus on more profitable ventures.
3. Selling the business could potentially reduce the risks associated with the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
4. It may allow Yandex to adapt and innovate in response to changing market conditions.
5. The sale could attract new investors and create partnerships that can benefit Yandex’s future growth.

1. Selling off a significant portion of Yandex’s business may signal a lack of confidence in the company.
2. It could potentially lead to a loss of market share and a decline in Yandex’s influence.
3. The ongoing war between Putin and Ukraine may have created an uncertain business environment, contributing to Yandex’s struggles.
4. The sale may limit Yandex’s ability to compete with international tech giants in the long run.
5. It may result in layoffs and negative consequences for employees and stakeholders.


According to Bloomberg, Yandex NV, the parent company of Russia’s top search engine, is planning to sell off a significant portion of its business.