Is Relying on GitHub Stars a Viable Source of Income?

Pros of Relying on GitHub Stars as a Viable Source of Income:
– Provides an indication of popularity and recognition in the developer community – Can attract potential investors and sponsors
– Demonstrates expertise and credibility in open-source projects

Cons of Relying on GitHub Stars as a Viable Source of Income: – Stars do not guarantee financial stability or sustainable income – Difficulty in converting stars into monetary support
– Lack of direct control over the income generation process

Pros of Going from OSS to SaaS:
– Potential for a steady stream of revenue
– Opportunity to offer additional features and premium services – Ability to provide customized solutions and direct customer support

Cons of Going from OSS to SaaS:
– Transition may face resistance from the open-source community – Increased competition in the SaaS market
– The need for continuous development and maintenance of the software

Mistakes made and lessons learned from launching Sizzy – The Browser For Developers: Mistakes:
– Not conducting enough market research before launching Sizzy – Insufficient testing and bug fixing before the release
– Underestimating the marketing and promotional efforts required

Lessons learned:
– Importance of market research and understanding user needs – Proper testing and quality assurance are crucial prior to launch
– Dedicate sufficient resources to marketing and promotion to maximize visibility.


Transitioning from an open-source software (OSS) to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model can be a challenging journey. Launching Sizzy, a browser specifically designed for developers, taught us valuable lessons through the mistakes we made.