Is returning to the office the solution to Gen Z’s loneliness?

Pros of returning to the office for Gen Z workers:

1. Increased in-person social interaction and connection.
2. Opportunity to build stronger professional relationships. 3. Collaboration and teamwork are often easier in person.
4. Potential for mentorship and learning from experienced colleagues. 5. Access to office amenities and resources that may not be available at home. 6. Structured work environment can enhance productivity and focus. 7. Feeling a sense of belonging and inclusion within company culture.

Cons of returning to the office for Gen Z workers:

1. Potential health risks associated with increased exposure to others. 2. Loss of flexibility and autonomy that remote work provides. 3. Commuting time and expenses may arise.
4. Balancing personal responsibilities, such as caregiving or household tasks, becomes more challenging. 5. Distractions and interruptions from coworkers can hinder concentration.
6. Limited exposure to diverse perspectives and remote collaboration opportunities.
7. Potential for increased workplace stress and pressure to conform to office norms.


Craving connection, certain Gen Z workers actively seek ways to ease loneliness, embracing innovative methods for face-to-face interactions.