Is Ross Douthat’s Telephone Use a Blessing or a Curse?

– Increased connectivity and communication
– Convenient access to information
– Can be used for emergency assistance
– Facilitates long-distance relationships
– Allows for remote work and collaboration

– Distraction and decreased productivity
– Potential for addiction and dependency
– Privacy concerns and data security risks
– Negative impact on face-to-face interactions
– Potential health issues (eyestrain, poor posture)

Pros for the University of Exeter offering a postgraduate degree: – Expanded educational opportunities
– Enhanced research and learning resources
– Potential for academic growth and career advancement
– Contribution to the local economy and community
– Greater diversity and cultural exchange

Cons for the University of Exeter offering a postgraduate degree: – Potential overcrowding and strain on resources
– Higher tuition fees and financial burden for students
– Limited job prospects in certain fields
– Negative impact on the local housing market
– Possible shift in the city’s character and identity


In historic Exeter, three women faced the gallows for witchcraft during the late 17th century, marking the final witch executions in England. Today, the University of Exeter stands just a stone’s throw away from the haunting site, ready to provide postgraduate degrees…