Is Russia’s purchase of engines from China’s AliExpress for drone manufacturing causing more harm than good, according to Ukraine?

– Lower cost: Purchasing engines from AliExpress may be cost-effective for Russia, potentially saving them money in drone manufacturing.
– Availability: AliExpress offers a wide range of products, increasing the chances of finding suitable drone engines for Russia’s needs.
– Potential for technological advancements: Access to different engine options from AliExpress may provide Russia with opportunities to experiment and advance their drone capabilities.

– Quality and reliability concerns: The engines purchased from AliExpress might be of questionable quality, leading to potential performance issues or failures in the drones.
– Lack of long-term support: AliExpress sellers may not offer comprehensive customer support or after-sales services, which could pose challenges for Russia if they encounter technical difficulties with the engines.
– Geopolitical implications: Ukraine’s concern about Russia sourcing drone engines from AliExpress indicates potential geopolitical tensions and distrust between the countries.

Please note that the information presented here is based on the given scenario and may not reflect the full scope of the situation.


According to a spokesperson from the Ukrainian Air Force, evidence suggests that Russia is acquiring drone engines from AliExpress, as indicated by the debris available for examination.