Is Sara Schoenberger’s Louis Collection Worth the Hype?

Pros of Sara Schoenberger’s Louis Collection:
1. Designs inspired by the vibrant brass instruments and jazz legacy of Louis Armstrong. 2. Unique and distinctive wiggly swing arm wall lights.
3. Adds a playful and artistic touch to any space.
4. Reflects the spirit of New Orleans and jazz culture.
5. Creates a visually striking focal point in a room.

Cons of Sara Schoenberger’s Louis Collection:
1. May not appeal to everyone’s taste due to its unconventional design.
2. Limited availability and potential exclusivity due to the hype around the collection. 3. The wiggly swing arm design might not suit all interior styles.
4. The collection might be considered expensive compared to alternative lighting options.
5. Requires careful positioning and installation to ensure optimal visual impact.


Sara Schoenberger’s Louis Collection of swing arm wall lights draws inspiration from the brass instruments of New Orleans and iconic jazz musician Louis Armstrong. The lights feature a whimsical, wiggly design that adds a touch of playful energy to any space.