Is Sarah Sherman Samuel’s New Home Collection for Lulu and Georgia Worth the Hype?

1. Access to a notable designer: With Sarah Sherman Samuel’s home collection, you have the opportunity to incorporate the style and expertise of a renowned designer into your own space.
2. Quality products: Lulu and Georgia is known for offering high-quality home decor items, so you can expect the same level of quality in Sarah Sherman Samuel’s collection.
3. Unique designs: Sarah Sherman Samuel’s signature style, characterized by a blend of modern and vintage elements, ensures that you’ll find distinctive and eye-catching pieces for your home.
4. Curation convenience: Having a curated collection by Sarah Sherman Samuel at Lulu and Georgia means you can easily find cohesive and harmonious pieces that work well together.
5. Inspiration for your own projects: Exploring Sarah Sherman Samuel’s collection can spark creativity and inspire you to design and decorate your own home.

1. Higher price point: While quality comes at a price, some items in the collection might be relatively expensive, making it less accessible to budget-conscious shoppers.
2. Limited availability: As a new collection, Sarah Sherman Samuel’s line might have limited stock or availability, so getting your desired items could be more challenging.
3. Personal taste compatibility: While Sarah Sherman Samuel is well-known for her style, it may not align with everyone’s personal preferences. Make sure to assess if her aesthetic is genuinely appealing to you.
4. Design limitations: The collection may primarily reflect Sarah Sherman Samuel’s design vision, which could potentially limit the range of styles and options available for those seeking something different.
5. Online purchasing challenges: As with any online purchase, there is a slight risk of the items not meeting your expectations. It’s essential to carefully review product descriptions and images before making a final decision.


Experience the opportunity to have renowned designer Sarah Sherman Samuel create the perfect aesthetic for your home with her exclusive collection for Lulu and Georgia.