Is Signal testing usernames a game-changer for privacy?

1. Enhanced Privacy: Testing usernames is a step towards improving privacy by allowing users to connect without sharing their phone numbers.
2. User Control: It gives users more control over their personal information by providing an alternative method of identification.
3. Avoids Spam: Using usernames instead of phone numbers can potentially reduce the risk of receiving unwanted spam messages.
4. Increased Anonymity: Usernames offer an additional layer of anonymity, making it harder for others to track or identify individuals.

1. User Identification Challenges: Replacing phone numbers with usernames may make it more difficult to identify and verify the identity of users.
2. Usernames Availability: There might be issues with unique usernames availability, leading to instances where users may not be able to use their desired usernames.
3. Data Security: Introducing usernames adds another layer of data that needs to be secured, increasing the risk of potential hacks or breaches.
4. Limited Reach: Using usernames may restrict connectivity options since some individuals may prefer to communicate solely through phone numbers, limiting the user base.


Signal, the encrypted messaging service, is currently conducting public tests to implement usernames for user accounts. This development aims to provide users with an alternative to sharing their phone numbers when connecting on the platform.