Is skin fasting really the secret to clear, refreshed skin? – VOGUE India

1. Allows your skin to reset and detoxify by giving it a break from heavy products.
2. Can help identify any skincare products or ingredients that might be causing irritation or breakouts. 3. Saves time and money by reducing the number of products used. 4. Promotes a more natural and minimalistic approach to skincare. 5. Gives you a chance to embrace and appreciate your skin’s natural beauty.

1. May not be suitable for those with specific skin conditions that require consistent skincare routines.
2. Could lead to dryness or dehydration if not properly balanced with adequate hydration. 3. Results may vary, and not everyone may experience the same positive effects.
4. Can be difficult to resist the temptation of using products, especially if you’re a skincare enthusiast. 5. It might take some time for your skin to adjust and reach a balanced state.


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