Is Son Heung-min’s impressive goal-scoring spree a sign of his best season yet?

– Son Heung-min’s goal-scoring spree indicates his current exceptional form and skill level.
– A high number of goals implies a significant contribution to the team’s success.
– The impressive goal-scoring spree could help boost Son Heung-min’s confidence and motivation.
– It is exciting for fans to witness a player having a standout season with consistent goal-scoring performances.

– Depending solely on goal-scoring performances might overshadow other aspects of Son Heung-min’s overall contributions to the team.
– A high number of goals in a season doesn’t guarantee the same level of success in future seasons.
– There could be additional factors contributing to Son Heung-min’s impressive goal-scoring spree, such as favorable team tactics or opponents.
– Relying heavily on one player for goals might make the team predictable and easier to defend against.


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