Is streaming PS5 games a game-changer for PS Plus Premium subscribers?

1. Access to a library of PS5 games without the need to purchase them individually.
2. Variety of game selection to choose from, providing more options for gaming enthusiasts.
3. No need to worry about storage space, as games are streamed and not downloaded. 4. Allows for instant play, without the need to wait for downloads or updates.
5. Cost-effective for PS Plus Premium subscribers, as it is included in their existing subscription.

1. Reliant on a stable and fast internet connection, as streaming requires continuous data transfer.
2. Limited control over game files, as they are not physically owned or saved on the console. 3. Potential for lag or latency issues, affecting the overall gaming experience.
4. Dependency on PlayStation’s streaming servers, which can lead to service disruptions or downtime.
5. No option for offline gameplay, as streaming requires an active internet connection.


Sony’s generous offerings for PlayStation Plus Premium members continue to roll out. Following the addition of a library of movies to stream at no extra cost, another exciting feature is on its way. In the coming weeks, members will gain the ability to play a selection of PlayStation games.