Is studying abroad in Canada becoming easier or more difficult for international students?

– Canada offers high-quality education with globally recognized institutions.
– Studying abroad in Canada provides opportunities for cultural immersion and exposure to diverse perspectives.
– The country has a welcoming and inclusive environment for international students.
– Canada provides various scholarships and funding options for international students.
– Studying in Canada can lead to enhanced career prospects and global networking opportunities.

– Canada’s recent visa policy changes may have made the process more complex and time-consuming for international students.
– The ongoing diplomatic tension between India and Canada could potentially impact the experience of Indian students studying in Canada.
– Tuition fees and living expenses in Canada can be quite high, posing financial challenges for some international students.
– The climate in some parts of Canada may not be suitable for everyone, particularly those who prefer warmer weather.
– Adapting to a new culture and being away from family and friends can be emotionally challenging for some international students.


Amidst the ongoing diplomatic spat between India and Canada, both governments have provided assurance that Indian students in Canada will not be affected. However, it is worth examining the changes that have been made in Canada’s visa policies over the past five years.