Is SurvivalBlog Readers’ & Editors’ Snippets truly worth your attention?

1. Provides a range of short and informative articles, making it easy to consume.
2. Offers responses to posted articles, giving different perspectives and insights.
3. Covers practical self-sufficiency items, providing helpful tips for daily survival. 4. Includes how-tos, which can be valuable for learning new skills. 5. Shares lessons learned, allowing readers to benefit from others’ experiences. 6. Provides tips and tricks for improving your self-sufficiency knowledge. 7. Shares news items relevant to survival and preparedness.
8. Curated by SurvivalBlog’s editors, ensuring quality content.

1. Snippets may not delve deep into any particular topic, leaving readers wanting more. 2. Some articles may not be relevant or interesting to every reader. 3. Limited space for detailed explanations or discussions.
4. Responses to posted articles may not always present balanced perspectives. 5. Some tips and tricks may be common knowledge for experienced survivalists. 6. The selection process may filter out potentially worthwhile contributions.
7. Not all articles may align with readers’ specific survival goals or interests. 8. Relies on readers’ submissions, which can vary in quality and accuracy.


The weekly Snippets column is a diverse collection of short items. It includes responses to articles, practical self-sufficiency items, how-tos, lessons learned, tips and tricks, and news items. These contributions come from both readers and SurvivalBlog’s editors. Please note that the selection process is subjective.