Is the 19% price drop on the iPhone 12 a tempting deal or a potential red flag?

1. The 19% discount makes the iPhone 12 more affordable for potential buyers.
2. Saving money is always a tempting deal, especially when it comes to expensive gadgets like the iPhone 12.
3. The discount may attract more customers to consider purchasing the iPhone 12 on Flipkart. 4. It allows customers to get a high-end phone at a lower price point.

1. The steep price drop might raise concerns about the quality or popularity of the iPhone 12.
2. A significant discount could indicate that newer models or updates are on the horizon.
3. There may be limited availability, making it challenging to take advantage of the discount.
4. Some customers might question why the discount is so substantial and wonder if there are any hidden issues with the device.


The discounted Apple iPhone 12 with 64 GB storage is now on sale at a 19% off on Flipkart.