Is the 30% off Prime Day deal really worth it for my favorite floodlight camera?

1. 30% off discount can save you money on the Google Nest Floodlight Cam.
2. The Floodlight Cam provides high-quality video footage, allowing you to see clearly day or night. 3. It enhances home security by providing a deterrent to potential intruders.
4. The Google Nest Floodlight Cam is compatible with smart home systems, offering seamless integration.
5. It comes with advanced features like facial recognition and intelligent alerts, improving surveillance capabilities.
6. Prime Day offers a limited-time opportunity to purchase the floodlight camera at a discounted price.

1. The 30% off deal is only available on Prime Day, meaning you have a limited time to take advantage of the discount.
2. The discounted price may still be relatively expensive compared to other floodlight cameras on the market.
3. Buying on Prime Day requires being a Prime member, which could involve additional costs if you aren’t already subscribed.
4. The Floodlight Cam might require professional installation, adding extra expenses.
5. Depending on your specific needs, there might be other floodlight cameras with comparable features at a lower regular price.
6. The discount applies only to the camera itself, and additional accessories or features may still require separate purchases.


Experience round-the-clock visibility with the Google Nest Floodlight Cam, now at 30% off during Prime Day. Capture every moment, day or night.