Is the AAP Government in Delhi Asleep at the Wheel? A Double Whammy for Delhiites

1. The AAP government in Delhi has implemented various initiatives to tackle dengue cases in the city.
2. They have allocated funds for vector control measures and public awareness campaigns.
3. The government has set up fever clinics and increased the capacity of hospitals to deal with the surge in dengue cases.
4. They have collaborated with central agencies and sought assistance from neighboring states to curb the spread of dengue.
5. The government has initiated fogging drives and intensified cleanliness campaigns to reduce the breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

1. Despite the efforts, the number of dengue cases in Delhi is still expected to rise significantly.
2. The government may have been slow in responding to the changing weather conditions, as dengue cases have continued to increase.
3. Some citizens may perceive the government’s strategies as insufficient and ineffective in controlling the dengue outbreak.
4. There might be delays or gaps in the implementation of vector control measures, resulting in the spread of the disease.
5. The government’s communication about precautionary measures and treatment guidelines may not have reached all sections of the population.


Health authorities in India have expressed concern as the number of dengue cases in Delhi is expected to increase to 5,000 due to favorable temperature changes before the onset of winter.