Is the Alien-Focused Sequel for The X-Files: The Official Archives a Worthy Addition to the Franchise?

1. Expands on the beloved X-Files franchise.
2. Offers an alien-focused storyline, catering to fans of that particular aspect.
3. Provides a chance to dive deeper into the X-Files universe through official archives. 4. Allows readers to indulge in the creativity and imagination of Paul Terry. 5. Keeps the spirit of the series alive for fans to enjoy.

1. May not meet the expectations of fans who had mixed feelings about the revival.
2. Alien-focused storyline might not appeal to those who enjoyed other aspects of the show. 3. The archives may not provide enough new content to justify a separate book.
4. Readers might prefer original stories rather than a collection of existing material. 5. Could potentially feel repetitive or derivative of the original series.


In 2020, io9 featured Paul Terry’s creative homage to The X-Files: Th… Terry captured the essence of one of the best-loved sci-fi series ever, regardless of opinions on its recent revival. The truth is undeniable – The X-Files continues to captivate fans.