Is the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2023 Worth it? Examining the Pros and Cons – Hindustan Times

1. Huge discounts and deals on a wide range of products.
2. Opportunity to save money on big-ticket items like TVs.
3. Convenient online shopping experience.
4. A chance to upgrade your home with new products at affordable prices. 5. Variety of options to choose from, including top-notch brands. 6. Potential for additional cashback offers or rewards.
7. Exclusive deals and offers for Amazon Prime members.

1. Limited-time offer, may lead to impulse buying.
2. Popular products may sell out quickly.
3. High competition can make it difficult to grab the best deals. 4. Return and exchange policies may be stricter during the sale. 5. Increased traffic and heavy load on the website can cause technical glitches.
6. Some discounts may be exaggerated, so it’s important to research prices beforehand. 7. Comparing prices across different platforms can be time-consuming.


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