Is the Apple iPhone 12 deal on Flipkart really worth it?

Pros of the Apple iPhone 12 deal on Flipkart:
1. Massive discount of Rs 39,150, making the price more affordable.
2. The iPhone 12 is a popular and well-selling model, ensuring reliability and quality.
3. Flipkart is a reputable e-commerce platform, providing trust and convenience for customers. 4. Access to a wide range of payment options, making it easier to purchase. 5. Potential for additional benefits such as cashback or EMI options.

Cons of the Apple iPhone 12 deal on Flipkart:
1. The original price of Rs 79,900 may still be considered expensive for some customers. 2. The discount may be temporary or limited, so acting quickly is crucial.
3. Availability of stocks may be limited, resulting in potential delays or unavailability.
4. Additional costs such as shipping fees or taxes may apply, influencing the final price.
5. Consideration of personal budget and financial circumstances is important before making the purchase.


The highly popular Apple iPhone 12, initially priced at Rs 79,900, has become one of the best-selling iPhone models to date. Now, you can grab this coveted device for just Rs 4,849 on Flipkart, thanks to an incredible discount of Rs 39,150.