Is the Apple TV+ price increase justified or unreasonable?

1. The price increase could lead to increased revenue for Apple, which can be invested in further improving their services.
2. It may allow Apple to offer more high-quality content on Apple TV+, enhancing the viewing experience for subscribers.
3. Increased subscription fees could potentially motivate Apple to produce more original programming and attract top talent.
4. Apple’s price increase could align their subscription services with competitive market rates.
5. The revenue generated from the price increase could help Apple invest in research and development for new innovative features and technologies.

1. Existing subscribers may feel frustrated or betrayed by the sudden price increase without clear information on when it will affect them.
2. The price hike may make Apple TV+ less affordable for some users, potentially leading to cancellations or a decrease in new subscribers.
3. Increased prices could make Apple’s subscription services less competitive compared to other streaming platforms in terms of pricing.
4. The higher subscription fees may lead to a perception that Apple is prioritizing profit over customer satisfaction.
5. It’s possible that the price increase could dissuade potential subscribers from joining Apple TV+ or other services, resulting in slower growth for Apple in those areas.


Apple is raising prices for its various subscription services, including Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and Apple News+. The new rates will be applied to new users immediately, but it remains uncertain when current subscribers will be subjected to the price hike.