Is the arrival of Diablo IV on Steam a game-changer or a missed opportunity?

Pros for the arrival of Diablo IV on Steam:
– Accessible to a wider audience of Steam users.
– Integration with Steam’s social features and community.
– Potential for increased player base and online interactions. – Convenient and familiar platform for players already using Steam. – Access to Steam’s wide range of input devices and gaming peripherals.

Cons for the arrival of Diablo IV on Steam:
– Potential fragmentation of the player base across different platforms. – Increased competition with other popular games on Steam.
– Possible technical issues during the transition to a new platform. – Dependency on Steam’s servers and infrastructure.
– Additional pricing considerations, such as Steam’s commission fees.

Pros for the missed opportunity of Diablo IV on Steam:
– Retains exclusivity and strengthens the ecosystem. – Ensures a dedicated player base that values the unique features of – Allows for optimal integration and customization specific to – Potential for more direct support and updates from Blizzard. – Maintain control over the game’s distribution and pricing strategy.

Cons for the missed opportunity of Diablo IV on Steam:
– Misses out on reaching a wider player base on Steam.
– Potentially limited exposure and less visibility compared to Steam’s vast userbase. – Less access to Steam’s community features and social interactions.
– Limited options for players who prefer or are already invested in the Steam platform. – Potential loss of sales and revenue from untapped Steam market.


Get ready for the highly anticipated arrival of Diablo IV to Steam on October 17th! Previously exclusive to PC players on, this blockbuster game is opening its doors to a whole new audience. Don’t miss out on one of the biggest gaming events of the year.