Is the Big Business of Spooky Season a Trick or Treat?

1. Increased enthusiasm for Halloween boosts local economies and stimulates business.
2. Big business investments in spooky season provide job opportunities for many, including seasonal workers.
3. Widespread availability of decorations and costumes allows people to fully immerse themselves in the Halloween spirit.
4. The popularity of spooky season creates a sense of community as people come together to celebrate.
5. The abundance of themed events and activities offers entertainment options for all age groups.

1. Rising consumer costs can strain individuals’ budgets, making it difficult to fully participate in Halloween festivities.
2. The commercialization of spooky season may overshadow the true meaning and cultural significance of Halloween.
3. Environmental concerns arise due to the excessive production of single-use decorations and costumes.
4. Some consumer products associated with Halloween may be harmful or low-quality, affecting buyers’ experiences.
5. Oversaturation of the market can lead to repetitive or uninspiring Halloween offerings.

Note: The lists are provided without any indication of personal opinion or bias.


Consumers are paying a steep price for their growing Halloween enthusiasm, from viral decorations to splurging on full-sized candy bars.