Is the craze over viral products like Rae Dunn mugs worth the extreme lengths angry customers go to, as shown in the leaked T.J. Maxx document?

– Viral products like Rae Dunn mugs can generate excitement and buzz among customers. – The craze can lead to increased sales and profitability for retailers. – It can create a sense of community among collectors and enthusiasts. – The popularity of these products can attract new customers to stores. – Customers can find joy and satisfaction in owning a coveted item.

– Extreme lengths angry customers go to may create a hostile shopping environment. – It can put tremendous pressure on retailers to satisfy the high demand.
– Scalpers and resellers may exploit the craze, making it difficult for genuine fans to purchase the products.
– The frenzy could lead to disappointment or frustration for customers who are unable to obtain what they want.
– It may divert attention and resources from other merchandise and customer service needs.

Note: The T.J. Maxx de-escalation protocols mentioned provide guidelines on potential conflicts, but they are not directly related to the pros and cons of viral product crazes.


T.J. Maxx has established protocols to de-escalate situations where customers enter the backroom, yell at associates, or engage in physical altercations with other customers.