Is the dengue situation in Delhi truly under control?

1. Decrease in reported dengue cases suggests some progress in controlling the situation.
2. Mayor’s assurance can provide a sense of reassurance and confidence to the residents of Delhi.
3. Government efforts to control the dengue situation may have resulted in improved public health measures.
4. Awareness campaigns and preventive measures implemented by the authorities could be contributing to a decline in cases.

1. Mayor’s assurance may not necessarily reflect the current reality or the severity of the dengue situation.
2. Reported cases might not accurately represent the actual number of dengue infections in Delhi.
3. Lack of specific data provided makes it difficult to assess the true extent of the problem.
4. Continuous vigilance and sustained efforts are still required to ensure long-term control of dengue in Delhi.


Delhi’s Mayor, Shelly Oberoi, stated on October 26 that the Dengue situation in the city is under control. Assuring the public, Oberoi mentioned the efforts being made to combat the disease, including increased fumigation and awareness campaigns. She also urged citizens to take precautions and cooperate with the authorities in order to prevent the spread of Dengue.