Is the discovery of a human skull in a Florida thrift store’s Halloween section a terrifying find or an unsettling curiosity? – WFLA

1. It adds an element of authenticity to the Halloween decorations. 2. Provides a unique and possibly macabre talking point.
3. Gets people thinking and talking about the ethics of using real human remains for decorative purposes. 4. Draws attention to the thrift store, potentially increasing foot traffic.
5. Provides a chance for forensic investigation and potential historical significance.

1. Can be disturbing or unsettling for some individuals, especially if they have personal experiences with death or loss. 2. May be seen as disrespectful to the deceased and their families.
3. Could potentially harm the reputation of the thrift store if the finding is perceived in a negative light.
4. Raises questions about how the skull ended up in the thrift store’s possession. 5. May attract unwanted media attention and scrutiny for the store.


During Halloween, it’s a common sight to find skulls adorning the shelves of stores. However, these skulls are typically manufactured, and not sourced from genuine human remains.