Is the Ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera truly an upgraded companion to the thermostat?

1. Convenience: Having the ability to see your doorbell camera feed on your thermostat can be incredibly convenient.
2. Integration: It allows seamless integration between your thermostat and doorbell camera, creating a cohesive smart home experience.
3. Accessibility: With the camera feed displayed on your thermostat, you can easily monitor your front door without needing to have a separate device.
4. Consolidation: The Ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera helps reduce clutter by consolidating multiple devices into a single platform.
5. Control: You can quickly access and control your doorbell camera settings directly from your thermostat.

1. Limited functionality: While it is convenient, the doorbell camera’s features may be limited compared to dedicated doorbell camera products on the market.
2. Compatibility: The Ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera may only be compatible with Ecobee thermostats, limiting its potential user base.
3. Screen size: Depending on the size of your thermostat, the display area for the doorbell camera feed might be small and not provide the best viewing experience.
4. Cost: The additional features and integration come at a cost, and the Ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera may be more expensive compared to standalone doorbell cameras.
5. Dependency: Relying on your thermostat to monitor your doorbell camera feed means that if your thermostat malfunctions, you may lose access to your doorbell camera as well.

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Introducing a revolutionary feature: your thermostat now displays your doorbell.