Is the Expansion of the DOJ Tesla Probe to Include EV Driving Ranges a Positive Step?

1. Increased transparency: The expansion of the probe indicates a push for greater clarity and disclosure in Tesla’s operations.
2. Consumer protection: By investigating the accuracy of EV driving ranges, the DOJ can ensure that consumers receive information that aligns with their expectations.
3. Accountability: The examination of personal benefits and related parties can help identify any potential conflicts of interest or unethical practices within the company.
4. Improved decision-making: Scrutinizing personnel decisions may lead to a better understanding of whether hiring practices align with fair employment standards.

1. Time-consuming: Expanding the investigation can prolong the duration of the probe, potentially causing delays in addressing other important matters.
2. Negative impact on Tesla’s reputation: The investigation could create a perception that Tesla is involved in unlawful or questionable activities, potentially affecting its public image.
3. Regulatory burdens: The additional subpoenas for information place an extra burden on the company’s resources and may divert attention from its core operations.
4. Uncertainty and investor concerns: The expansion of the probe may create uncertainty among investors and shareholders about the future of Tesla and its ability to meet expectations.


The Department of Justice is now investigating Tesla, as confirmed by the company. This expansion of the investigation includes the issuance of subpoenas for information, covering aspects such as “personal benefits, related parties, vehicle range, and personnel decisions”. The details of the investigation were disclosed in a filing made by Tesla with the SEC.