Is the inclusion of the App Store in visionOS developer beta 5 a game-changer or a potential pitfall?

– Increased accessibility: The inclusion of the App Store in visionOS developer beta 5 allows developers to easily access and download apps, expanding their options for development resources.
– Improved development opportunities: With access to the App Store, developers can explore and use a wide range of apps, potentially enhancing their ability to create innovative and high-quality Vision Pro apps.
– User-friendly interface: The App Store provides a familiar and user-friendly interface, making it easier for developers to navigate and find the resources they need.

– Potential distraction: Having access to the App Store within the developer beta may divert developers’ attention away from their primary tasks, potentially leading to decreased productivity.
– Risk of compatibility issues: The influx of third-party apps from the App Store may introduce compatibility issues or conflicts within the developer beta, potentially causing stability or performance problems.
– Increased reliance on external resources: Relying heavily on the App Store for development resources may limit developers’ autonomy and creativity, potentially leading to a less diverse range of Vision Pro apps.


Apple has released the fifth visionOS developer beta, offering access to the App Store. Developers can download this beta version to their Mac, which is used as the development platform for Apple Vision Pro apps.